"As civil-rights heroes have known since the country’s founding, in a democracy all rights begin with the right to vote. "

How Gerrymandering Blunted The South’s Blue Wave

November 18, 2018

While Democratic voters turned out in record numbers, the force of the “blue wave” was blunted by two barriers: historic turnout by GOP voters, and Republican-engineered gerrymandering, especially in Southern states.

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Democracy Won The Midterm Elections

November 14, 2018

The 2018 midterm election season proved to be fertile ground for civic engagement and cause for optimism about the future of our democracy. Record numbers of voters headed to the polls and voted like the selection of a president was on the line, as opposed to the sleepy response midterm elections usually elicit.


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Leadership: In Turbulent Times – Doris Kearns Goodwin

In this culmination of five decades of acclaimed studies in presidential history, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin offers an illuminating exploration of the early development, growth, and exercise of leadership.

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Physical Disobedience: An Unruly Guide to Health and Stamina for the Modern Feminist – Sarah Hays Coomer

Even as a wave of renewed feminism swells, too many women continue to starve, stuff, overwork, or neglect our bodies in pursuit of paper-thin ideals. “Fitness” has been co-opted by the beauty industry. We associate it with appearance when we should associate it with power.

Grounded in advocacy with a rowdy, accessible spirit, Physical Disobedience asserts that denigrating our bodies is, in practice, an act of submission to inequality.

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy – Carol Anderson

In her New York Times bestseller White Rage, Carol Anderson laid bare an insidious history of policies that have systematically impeded black progress in America, from 1865 to our combustible present. With One Person, No Vote, she chronicles a related history: the rollbacks to African American participation in the vote since the 2013 Supreme Court decision that eviscerated the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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These Truths: A History Of The United States – Jill Lepore

Award-winning historian Jill Lepore offers a magisterial account of the origins and rise of a divided nation. The American experiment rests on three ideas―“these truths,” Jefferson called them―political equality, natural rights, and the sovereignty of the people. And it rests, too, “on a dedication to inquiry, fearless and unflinching,” writes Lepore in a groundbreaking investigation into the American past that places truth itself at the center of the nation’s history.

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Boy Erased

November 20, 2018

Jared (Lucas Hedges) belongs to a loving middle-class Arkansas family, with his mother, Nancy (Nicole Kidman) and Baptist minister father, Marshall (Russell Crowe). Jared gets good grades, plays basketball, and is in a steady—but chaste—relationship with a girl from school. Everything in his life is going according to plan, until a college friend outs Jared as gay.


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Thanks Be

November 20, 2018

Happy Holidays — yes they are upon us! Thanksgiving is my favorite — friends, framily, no pressure but to gather and celebrate one another, unless of course you are the one with the bird…my best wishes to you.

If I’m being honest, holidays, even my favorite ones, are hard. They come with strings attached, ghosts of seasons passed: the missing, the lack, the not enough, the no longer.