The Fake Outrage Of Trump Apologists

We’ve certainly experienced more than our share of aggrieved Trump apologists bemoaning the lack of civility toward them recently. As they go about their work of supporting a president who is terrorizing America’s democratic institutions, demonizing political opponents, praising long-time foes, separating families at the Southern border and threatening to limit our civil liberties, it’s no surprise that Trump’s uncivil servants are finding out firsthand that Americans are restless.

The Wisdom Of Children

The assumption of America’s greatness is seamlessly folded into the minds of her children at an early age. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, learning how America brought the world back from the brink of Nazi terror, hearing stories of non-violent protests overcoming the screaming scourge of racism in the 1960s to produce voting and civil rights protections all create pride that we understand, even as children, elevates America above other nations.

From Wilderness To Statehood, Early Tennesseans Displayed The Power Of Unity

At a time when many of our democratic and institutional norms are being challenged and, in some cases breached, in the United States, it is helpful to reflect upon June 1st, 1796, when Tennessee was officially admitted to the Union as the 16th state. Back then, as is the case today, many divisive and opposing forces were working against each other, and there were strong disagreements that threatened to pull the settlers of the territory, that would eventually come to be Tennessee, apart.

BriteHeart Annual Report

BriteHeart Annual Benefit Report

The BriteHeart Company’s intended public benefit is to engage in public dialogue and advocacy to promote awareness of the importance of democracy and individual rights and the values embedded in the U. S. Constitution.

BriteHeart First Year Review

2017 was a big year for civic action. It was a generative year for change.

#Get Civic And Stop The NRA Now

The questions come with more of an edge to them now that Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell is running for governor. But when asked by a reporter, after the school massacre in Parkland, Florida, whether she supported raising the minimum age to buy assault weapons, she was ready. Harwell said she bought one for her son, then flippantly added: “When that’s the only thing he wants for Christmas, what do you do, right?” It was as if a giant billboard with neon lights had just sprung from her head flashing the letters ‘N.R.A.’

This is just another example of a politician choosing the NRA’s money over people’s safety.

We Must Keep Marching

No question about it. Women’s March 2.0 brought the kind of fierce energy, joyful civic participation and positive activism to the forefront that we all hoped it would. Tens of thousands of people took their hopes, dreams, partners, parents, and children to the streets to show the world that the repeated attacks on women and our democracy, coming directly from the White House, will not be tolerated.

Awake The Sleeping Giant!

What a year it’s been for BriteHeart! For us and a lot of you, 2017 began with the sad reality of the 2016 election results. For many of us, the best remedy for this winter of our discontent was the Women’s March and the good feelings generated by so much energy, commitment and togetherness.

What Every American Should Know

Thirty years ago, E.D. Hirsch activated civic conversations throughout America with his book Cultural Literacy. He argued that every American should have a grasp of fundamental information about our country in order to be culturally literate. Hirsch listed 5,000 names, facts, phrases, dates and cultural references that he believed represented a reasonable core of knowledge that all Americans should possess.

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We The People Must Register And Vote

No matter what side of the great political divide you occupy, odds are that you’re dissatisfied with the dysfunction on display in Washington, D.C. Conservatives are unhappy because their agenda is stalled, with their best efforts stymied by presidential tweets and unpresidential behavior. Progressives are disillusioned because the current administration’s agenda is dominated by a continuous assault on President Obama’s legislative legacy.

Behind The Headlines, Democrats Are Working For All Americans

In these conflicted times of ours where almost everything is seen through perceived pro-Trump or anti-Trump bias, there exists a myth among some political pundits that progressive Democrats cannot effectively function as long as their attention is diverted by inquiries into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia. While Democrats plead for cooperation from Republicans in discovering the truth about Russia’s hack, their pleas are generally met with disinterest, slow walking committee hearings or outright refusals to explore any Trump linkage to the Russians.


Credibility: the quality of being trusted and believed. Credibility is the currency that we all need to navigate successfully through our lives. Without credibility a person is an unmoored vessel drifting on its own, alone in a world that regards each word with suspicion or outright contempt. The only way forward without credibility is to lurch through each day, transaction by transaction; showing your cards or your cash on the spot.