How A Large-Scale Effort To Register Black Voters Led To A Crackdown In Tennessee

“We’re taking people who are trying to do their job well and might not be very good at it and making them liable,” said Steve Dickerson, a Nashville doctor and Republican state senator who voted against the bill. “We don’t have good voter participation in Tennessee. This bill went after a problem that might have been small and brought in penalties that I think were disproportionate.”

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Powered By The People, A Genuine Populist Is Running For Governor Of West Virginia

But the campaign doesn’t want their candidate, Stephen Noble Smith, to be the face of the movement; the movement is supposed to transcend a single candidate and build a lasting infrastructure of political power. The roadmap is simple: Organize locally, recruit local candidates who know their neighbors’ needs, and run those candidates in local races.

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Southern Men: Where Ya’ll At?

Men, make a conscious choice to be in this fight with women. It’s an unholy mix of cowardice and cruelty to look the other way while the lives and rights of your fellow Southerners are at risk. And this should go without saying, but vote. Educate yourselves about local candidates; demand those candidates have clear-cut, vocal positions on supporting a woman’s right to choose.

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Ending Mass Incarceration: Ideas From Today’s Leaders

Unwinding the system of mass incarceration requires a new focus on spurring economic growth in low-income communities, addressing systemic racism, building a better system to address mental health, and more. In the essays that follow, authors lay out thoughtful paths for holistic reform.

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Election Security Bills In The Senate Are Hitting One Big Roadblock: Mitch McConnell

While the issue of Russian collusion is very clearly politically charged, concerns about election security and foreign interference have historically been more bipartisan. As Mitch McConnell has made clear, however, that’s no longer the case. The Senate majority leader now says he won’t even bring election security bills up for a vote.

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Shame And Salvation In The American South

“Here in the South, it’s the struggle that so often defines us… I won’t even try to argue that what you see coming out of statehouses and frat houses down here isn’t the true South. It is. But it isn’t the only true South. Please believe me when I tell you this: We are fighting back.” – Margaret Renkl

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Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us?

A loose collective of developers and techno-utopians that calls itself the IndieWeb has been developing their own social-media platforms, which they say will preserve what’s good about social media while jettisoning what’s bad. They hope to rebuild social media according to principles that are less corporate and more humane.

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Stacey Abrams: Why I Am Determined To End Voter Suppression

Local and state officials across the country, emboldened by the Supreme Court effectively neutering the Voting Rights Act, are shamelessly weakening voter registration, ballot access and ballot-counting procedures. For example, in Tennessee, a state with notoriously low voter turnout, the legislature approved a bill subjecting third-party groups conducting voter registration drives to onerous requirements under threat of civil and criminal penalty.

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Washington Post Editorial Board: Tennessee Set “To Sabotage Its Own Health-Care System”

“The Trump administration might have found a way to undermine the Medicaid program… by issuing waivers allowing states to volunteer for “block granting.” Tennessee lawmakers decided this month to make their state the first to try. That’s a bad decision for Tennessee and an alarming portent of the next potential assault on the nation’s safety net.”

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