Jon Stewart Continues To Push Congress On Behalf Of 9/11 Victims

“I think this community is at the end of their rope,” Stewart told Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday.” “I think there’s a feeling of disbelief, that they can’t understand why they have to continually saddle up and ride down to Washington and make these appeals for something that should be simple but is somehow, through politics, made agonizingly difficult.”

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Better Man

Chris Stanford’s 14-minute short film, now making the film-festival rounds, is a love story — about a cowboy who got lost on the dark side of life and how, with the love of his father, he was found.

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Campaign Conventional Wisdom Is Dead

Bloomberg asks if Bernie Sanders is finished, forgetting the industry-wide prediction errors of 2016. This is an absurd inference, and the absurdity isn’t confined to coverage of Bernie Sanders. It’s too early to be making pronouncements about any candidate’s viability now.

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Teachers In Nashville Deserve A Bigger Pay Raise As Rents Soar And Salaries Stagnate

Rents have far outpaced wages for teachers over the last 10 years in Nashville. They are struggling and deserve fair compensation. “This is a crisis of epic proportions. While other public employees face a similar predicament, addressing teachers wages needs to be paramount for Metro Nashville Davidson County Government if our leaders truly consider education a top priority.” – David Plazas

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Mitch McConnell Is Making The 2020 Election Open Season For Hackers

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, predicts that the 2020 election will make what happened in 2016 “look like small potatoes.” “It’s not just the Russians,” he said. “There are hostile foreign actors who are messing with two hundred years’ worth of really precious history.” But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to advance any election-security legislation.

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Jon Stewart Shames Lawmakers For Not Showing Up To 9/11 Victims Fund Hearing

​The former host of “The Daily Show” ripped ​members of a House panel Tuesday when only five lawmakers were seated in the rostrum to hear survivors, many of them “sick and dying” from their response to the September 11 terror attacks, testify about the need to reauthorize the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

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Is Joe Biden Trying To Gaslight Democratic Voters? Is It Working?

The former vice president wants Americans to believe President Trump is the only problem. “I just think there is a way, and the thing that will fundamentally change things is with Donald Trump out of the White House,” he said. “Not a joke. You will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends.”

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Why You’re Wrong About The Democratic Primary

What the history of modern presidential nominating contests suggests about this moment is that the seemingly daily polling, and the “she’s-surging-he’s failing” stories, have all the staying power of sandcastles at high tide. The last half century of presidential primaries is a catalog of slow erosions of “insurmountable” leads, sudden shifts of the current and candidates left for dead who have revived and triumphed.

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With Apologies To Orwell, We’ve Gone Way Past 1984

The effectiveness of the fake news manufactured at the Ministry of Truth in 1984 depended on its readers’ ignorance, laziness and prejudice as much as it did on state power. Similarly, in the 2016 election, the consequences of so many Americans’ abdication from reality has been disastrous. Trump could have only won because a significant number of Americans were effectively living in a parallel reality.

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The Racial Reckoning Comes

America needs to have a moment of racial reconciliation. Civic evangelist Eric Liu is showing us how this can be done. His great contribution is to show how to mix conviction on racial matters with humility and gentleness. He’s always pushing toward an American creed that moves beyond both the white monoculture and the fracturing multiculturalism; always pushing toward a national story large enough to contain all the hybrid voices.

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