Music Is Not Just For The Ears

Despite sometimes being thought about as an abstract art form, akin to the world of numbers and mathematics, music carries with it and is shaped by nearly all other aspects of human experience: how we speak and move, what we see and know. Its immense power to sweep people up into its sound relies fundamentally on these tight linkages between hearing and our myriad other ways of sensing and knowing.

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Tennessee’s New Voter Registration Law Scares Volunteers Who Sign Up Voters At Festivals Like Bonnaroo

“Groups like us are there to do good,” said Andy Bernstein, executive director of HeadCount, an organization that promotes voter registration and participation in democracy through the power of music. “We represent freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and we are trying to continue the democratic process. We hope both conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans can all agree that the last place we need regulation is democracy itself.”

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William Ferris: The Man Who Shared Our Voices

Ferris helps Southerners understand each other better. Long ago, he dedicated his life to letting the South hear itself, thus teaching us what we have in common and showing the connections that happen despite barriers of race and class.

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Supreme Court Set To Decide Major Census, Gerrymandering Cases

The court has 12 cases left to decide during its current term, which is expected to conclude by the end of June, with some rulings scheduled to be issued on Monday. Eagerly awaited rulings in legal challenges to the proposed census question and partisan gerrymandering could have enduring effects on elections for seats in the United States House of Representatives and state legislatures.

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Eric Liu’s New Book Searches For Democracy’s Missing Links: Our Common Creed, Shared Purpose And Meaningful Connections To Our Fellow Citizens

Become America, consists of 19 civic sermons, delivered between November 12, 2016 and August 4, 2018, mostly in Seattle, but also in Chicago and Nashville and New York City and Atlanta and Des Moines. It’s a bold decision to adopt the framework of religious services so directly and to characterize these pieces as “sermons.” But sermons they are.

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Tennessee’s Voting Problem

According to a Pew Election Performance Index, Tennessee is 49th in voter turnout and 45th in registration. Locally, Nashville’s apathy toward local government is almost surreal. More people voted in the 1971 mayoral election than did in the 2015 mayoral election. Not just at a higher rate, but in raw numbers.

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How Front-Runners Can Fail

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the early front-runner in the 2020 Democratic presidential race — for the moment, at least. He leads in national polls and most surveys of the early primaries and caucuses, but if Biden were to falter, he wouldn’t be the first early primary front-runner to come up short.

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