Early Voting In Nashville Starts Today: Here’s What You Need To Know

You can beat the rush and vote early in Nashville’s mayoral election today through Saturday, July 27. Initially, early voting will take place at only one location, the Howard Office Building. But on July 19, early voting expands to a total of 11 locations across Davidson County.

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The Brennan Center For Justice 2019 Voting Laws Roundup

With most legislatures closed, it’s clear that major positive reforms were enacted. But a handful of states made it more difficult to vote. Overall, 46 states have introduced or carried over 688 bills expanding access compared to 29 states that have introduced or carried over at least 87 bills restricting voting access.

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How A Widening Political Rift Over Online Liability Is Splitting Washington

At stake is a 26-word provision in the 1996 Communications Decency Act that protects online platforms from liability for content their users post. The tech industry is now defending its long-standing legal immunity for offensive and defamatory online content, in the face of growing attacks from politicians fed up with hate speech, fake news and alleged ideological bias.

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‘A Lot Of Gray Area’: A Legal Expert Explains ‘How To Read The Constitution’

Kim Wehle, who’s written How to Read the Constitution — and Why, thinks America has a major problem in that Congress has been feckless for decades in enforcing its own oversight of the executive branch. And that Congress must be much more vigilant to ensure that it retains its authority to make sure that we don’t end up with a king in this country.

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DOJ Is Still Looking For ‘New’ Reason To Add Citizenship Question To Census

The government needs more time to decide how it will move forward on finding a way to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, Justice Department attorneys told a Maryland federal judge on Friday. In the meantime, the Justice Department wants to delay further discovery on the issue of whether the citizenship question was put forward for racially discriminatory purposes.

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We Need A New Patriotism, One That Embraces Dissent

The author joined the Marines, only to discover how much that was immoral and wrong was being done in the name of the flag. And he came to realize over the course of his service that patriotism might sometimes mean condemning your country. Not because you hate your home, of course, but because you love it.

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How The Supreme Court Will Upend 2020

The court will likely hand down rulings on some of the most contentious issues in American politics around the time of the Republican and Democratic conventions next year. They’ll be a reminder of just how often the justices effectively have the final say — and that 2020 is a race to pick the next justices.

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The Declaration Heard Around The World

The Declaration of Independence did not create a nation. It created only the idea of a nation. This is what we annually pay our respects to. All who live here are equal. All who live here have the same rights. And none who lives here is above the law.

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Restoring The Great American Middle

America’s middle class is facing a crisis—a loss of respect and work, the decline of home and family, an epidemic of loneliness and despair. This is the defining crisis of our time. Our broad and popular democracy depends on the American middle.

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