The Trump Administration’s Own Data Says Obamacare Isn’t Imploding

Tucked away in the report was evidence that the health insurance marketplaces set up by Obamacare were relatively stable in 2016. Contrary to the “death-spiral” narrative, the CMS report found that the mix of healthy and sick people buying insurance on the Obamacare marketplaces in 2016 was surprisingly similar to those who enrolled in 2015.

Via: Five Thirty Eight


The First Court Victory For Environmentalists Under Trump

In a split ruling, the federal appeals court for Washington, D.C., told EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt that he cannot suspend enforcement of the agency’s “methane rule.” The ruling suggests that some of the Obama administration’s environmental rules may prove more resilient than once seemed.

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World Leaders Wary Of Trump May Have An Ally: Congress

Trump threatens to upend the post-World War II foreign policy order, but Congress is working to ensure that American foreign policy remains rooted in the trans-Atlantic alliance against traditional rivals like Russia.

Via: New York Times