Everybody Loves Redistricting Reform

December 8, 2018

State ballot measures to fix gerrymandering did strikingly well this year with both Democratic and Republican voters.

Via: Brennan Center For Justice


A Woman’s Place Is In The House

December 6, 2018

The women who rode the pink wave to Congress are not business-as-usual politicians. They’re young, lesbian and bisexual, women of color, immigrants. Women who clap back to haters on Twitter. Women who can’t afford their rent until their new job starts.

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Kid Rock Dumped, James Shaw Jr Crowned As Grand Marshal Of Nashville Christmas Parade

December 1, 2018

The move comes after Rock appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning and, in remarks, seemed to downplay complaints about racism and homophobia as political correctness. He also called television personality Joy Behar, co-host of The View, a “b—-.” Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw, Jr., a much more unifying figure, replaces Rock.

Via: The Tennessean


Georgia Lawsuit May Allow Rare Glimpse Into Its Elections

November 25, 2018

At the heart of the suit is the reliability of the state’s electronic voting machines and an opportunity to peek under the hood of how former secretary of state and current governor-elect, Brian Kemp (R), ran the elections.

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Here Is Everywhere Nonpartisan Reform Won Big In 2018

November 23, 2018

From California to Maine, millions of people voted in favor of empowering voters at the ballot box, ending partisan gerrymandering, banning political bribes and other forms of political corruption, restoring voting rights to felons, and many used historic new voting methods to enhance competition in the process and strengthen the individual’s vote.

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Welcome To The App Based Resistance … Used By Both Sides

November 21, 2018

Apps helped Dems and the GOP draw out a record number of voters in the midterms. Hustle reached approximately 25 million potential progressive voters and was used in successful campaigns for 21 House seats, 330 state legislative seats and 14 gubernatorial elections. RumbleUp worked with more than 100 right-of-center governors, senators and congresspeople during the midterms.

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Judge’s Ruling In CNN Case A Victory For Free Press

November 17, 2018

Friday’s ruling by US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly — a 2017 appointee of President Donald Trump — requiring the White House to return CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” struck an important victory for the free press.

Via: CNN