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After A Mass Shooting, Virginia Is Rethinking Its Gun Laws—And Rewiring The 2020 Race

Something unusual happened on November 8, 2017, when Gov. Ralph Northam came into power. For the first time, gun policy ranked as the second-most important issue to Democratic voters, topped only by health care as a priority. Contrary to conventional wisdom that gun platforms appeal only to one side, Republicans and Democrats were equally represented among the voters for whom guns was their top issue.

Via: Mother Jones


The Dancing Species: How Moving Together In Time Helps Make Us Human

Researchers are discovering the vital role played by bodily movement not only in the evolution of the human species, but in the present-day social and psychological development of healthy individuals. Dancing provides humans with the opportunity to learn how their movements matter. They can become aware of how the movements they make are training them – or not – to cultivate the sensory awareness required to empathize across species and with the Earth itself.

Via: Aeon