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After A Mass Shooting, Virginia Is Rethinking Its Gun Laws—And Rewiring The 2020 Race

Something unusual happened on November 8, 2017, when Gov. Ralph Northam came into power. For the first time, gun policy ranked as the second-most important issue to Democratic voters, topped only by health care as a priority. Contrary to conventional wisdom that gun platforms appeal only to one side, Republicans and Democrats were equally represented among the voters for whom guns was their top issue.

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Study Destroys Myth Of Uneducated Immigrants

Counter to the stereotype that immigrants flocking to the US have minimal education, a new Pew Research Center study found that immigrants who have arrived in the past five years are highly educated, with advanced degrees, job skills, fluency in English, and an eagerness to find professional work.

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We Should All Speak To People We Don’t Agree With. Here’s How

The Better Arguments Project is a new national civic initiative created to help bridge ideological divides – not by papering over those divides but by teaching Americans how to have better arguments. The more we can equip communities to have arguments rooted both in history and in best practices of constructive communication, the healthier our country will be.

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Slow Thought: A Manifesto

Slow Thought appeals to reflection before conviction, clarity before a call to action. In a wonderful philosophical lesson that is structured like a joke, Ludwig Wittgenstein admonished philosophers about rushing their thinking: Question: ‘How does one philosopher address another?’ Answer: ‘Take your time.’

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