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Hillbillies Need No Elegy

In the new book “Appalachian Reckoning,” dozens of mountain voices combine to talk back to J.D. Vance’s best-selling “Hillbilly Elegy.” And to demonstrate that it is a range of truths — hard to sum up — that makes Appalachia, like America, a place to rally around and a place to love.

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Groups Sue To Block New Florida Law That Undermines Voting Rights Restoration

The Brennan Center for Justice was among four organizations that filed a federal lawsuit on Friday challenging a new Florida state law that creates wealth-based hurdles to voting. The lawsuit contends that the new law undermines Floridians’ overwhelming support to amend their state constitution to restore voting rights to people convicted of most felonies once they’ve completed their sentences.

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What Joan Didion Saw

Despite America’s recent decades of unprecedented material prosperity, Americans have become increasingly pessimistic about the state of society and the future. Social fragmentation, alienation and loneliness are the rule, not the exception. Joan Didion, in her thoughtful tracing of disparate lives, proves a useful guide in examining the roots from which American civil life has decayed.

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Judge Wants To Know By Monday If Gov’t Will Fold On Census Citizenship Fight

Thursday’s opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts invalidated Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ March 2018 decision to add the citizenship because the Court, in a 5-4 decision, found Ross’ stated reason for adding it — Voting Rights Act enforcement — to be dubious. Roberts’ opinion left wide open the possibility the Trump administration could add the question in the future as long as it put forward a legitimate reason for doing so.

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Nashville Is Getting New Paper Ballot Voting Machines For The Aug. 1 Election

It’s a two-step process. Voters will be provided with a blank “ballot card” by a polling official that voters then insert into a new “ballot marking device.” Once the card is inserted, the voter selects their choices, and the machine prints out the ballot, now marked with the voter’s choices. The voter then inserts the ballot into a second machine, where the votes are scanned.

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Inside The Massive, Coordinated Push To Make Sure A Census Citizenship Question Does Not “Distort Democracy”

Last year, leaders of 300 organizations that work on philanthropic grants signed a letter opposing the addition of the question, and submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. “We have different funding priorities, are ideologically diverse, and do not always agree with each other. But we wholeheartedly agree that the citizenship question should not be part of the 2020 Census,” they wrote in the letter.

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“I Won’t Be There!”: Planned Sarah Sanders Media Farewell Sparks Forceful Reaction From April Ryan

The veteran White House correspondent told Newsweek she won’t be in attendance at the farewell party for the White House Press Secretary that is being organized by two members of the White House press corps. And she is not alone. Derek Mead, the executive editor of VICE, wondered why the White House press corps “would fete someone who actively eroded trust in and value of your entire industry.”

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Nashville Memorializes Lynching Victims With Two Historical Markers

In collaboration with Nashville’s Juneteenth Celebration and with support from Black Lives Matter Nashville, the forum and marker dedication ceremony were organized by the Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County Community Remembrance Project Coalition (“We Remember Nashville”), which was formed to promote community awareness, education and public reckoning around racial terror in Nashville

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