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Mental Models: The Best Way To Make Intelligent Decisions

December 9, 2018

To help you build your latticework of mental models so you can make better decisions, Farnam Street has collected and summarized the ones they’ve found the most useful. And remember: Building your latticework is a lifelong project. Stick with it, and you’ll find that your ability to understand reality, make consistently good decisions, and help those you love will always be improving.

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The Charlotte Observer Calls For A New Election In NC’s Tainted 9th District

December 7, 2018

“There may be no way… to know how widespread the fraud was, or whether it involved enough ballots to potentially change the outcome of the election — a 905-vote victory for Republican Mark Harris over Democrat Dan McCready. But we do know enough. Unless new evidence somehow clears the clouds hanging over this election, the Board of Elections should toss out the 9th District results.”

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Life Saver: Mary Gauthier Lends A Voice To Wounded Veterans

December 3, 2018

Gauthier is using her songwriting gifts to tell a unique set of stories these days. Her 2018 album, Rifles & Rosary Beads, was co-written with U.S. military veterans and their families as part of SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a nonprofit program that facilitates retreats where professional songwriters and wounded veterans collaborate to create music.


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The Enduring Miracle Of The American Constitution

November 30, 2018

“There is something about the American spirit — about the bedrock decency and common sense of the American — that seems to help us find our way, something about American history that redeems itself in a way that inspires all.” – Charles Krauthammer

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What an Obscure German Novel Taught Me About Dictators

November 28, 2018

“After the election of 2016, I was forced to question my long-held belief that American society was constitutionally immune to the threat of dictatorship. I know I wasn’t the only person who wondered if we had crossed some threshold; it wasn’t an accident, after all, that George Orwell’s classic 1984 was suddenly at the top of the Amazon charts.” – Jens Kruse

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Vote For The Day After

November 4, 2018

“We motivate young women to vote by planning for the day after. We plan for the day after by creating opportunities for young women to write tomorrows into existence by their own hands.” – Jennifer Mandelblatt, Co-Founder and the Executive Director of Platform, a training and lobbying organization for young women.

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