“No matter how fierce the adversary, no matter how organized the opposition, no matter how powerful the resistance, nothing can stop the movement of a disciplined, determined people motivated by justice. So, let’s keep moving.” – Congressman John Lewis.

Honoring the legacy of Z. Alexander Looby, James Lawson, Diane Nash, John Lewis, Kelly Miller Smith, C.T. Vivian, and 3000 other protesters, we mark April 19th as a day of solidarity when diverse communities gather to demand that our government fulfill its ethical responsibility to treat all human beings as free and equal in dignity and rights. We believe that together we can wake up our legislators to the reality of civil inequity and spur them to draft laws that protect the long term interests of people of all social ranks and economic standings. WALK IN LOVE 4/20 beginning at 1:30pm at TSU Amphitheater.

For more info email: walkinlove2019@gmail.com

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