TONIGHT #Nashville! Come hang with us at this FREE concert with Faith HillDelanie Walker and k.s. Rhoads#GetCivic #WhenWeAllVote

When: We All Vote, we can change the world. #WhenWeAllVote

Marathon Music Works
1402 Clinton St
Nashville, TN 37203

Volunteer and #GetCivic
All You Need To Know To Vote

  1. Check your voter status.
  2. Find your polling place.
  3. Not going to be here? Request your absentee ballot by October 19
  4. OR even better — early vote between July 13 – 28.
  5. Make sure you meet Tennessee’s voter ID requirements.
  6. Decide who to vote for — get the non-partisan Nashville Voter Guide and follow Please Vote Nashville on Instagram + Facebook

Passionate about voting and want to volunteer to get out the vote? Could one of these be your civic match?

#GetCivic #WhyIVote