#GetCivic and get smart with us as we look at election day across the country. For many of us, we are focused on 2018, but there are a great deal of incredibly important elections being decided today in Virginia, Ohio, New York and Maine, along with mayoral races in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Seattle. It has been said that mayors are the other political party, so let us not fail to #BeVocalVoteLocal and change our world from the inside out.

Take these steps with us today (in order of expediency):

  1. Vote in your local elections — don’t know if there are any? Go to Vote.org to find out.
  2. Urge your friends in Virginia, Ohio, New York, Maine and all over the country to vote today — tweet this or share this Facebook post.
  3. Understand what is at stake — read this NPR overview on what to watch in today’s elections.
  4. Watch this awesome video from TOPIC and be encouraged.
  5. Take it to the next level — sign up with Mobilize America and make a direct impact in 2018 elections.

If you are not yet registered to vote or don’t know if your voter registration status is current, Vote.org has your back.

Tennesseans, register, update your status and get Tennessee specific elections alerts at ProudVoter.org 

We got this. #EngageConnectEmpower


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