Every American should be able to cast a ballot easily and securely.

When laws take ballots away from citizens, it weakens our democracy. When states use vulnerable voting systems, it weakens our democracy. There is a real risk that the current president may refuse to honor the outcome of the next election. This is unacceptable in a democracy.

2020 hinges on weakened systems.

With 70-ish weeks to the next presidential election, the time to act is now. Voting laws take months to change. Will we be ready when the president questions election results?

Our June goal: 1000 2000 actions for voter empowerment.

Will you help? Join other Americans of conscience in spending one hour per week for the next three weeks to ensure that every citizen can vote and each vote verified in 2020.

Please report back: When you complete an action, check it off so we can keep track of whether we meet our goal.

Call: Your state-level voting official (look up).
Script: I am a resident of [TOWN] and I’m requesting that [STATE] become the next state to exit the Interstate Crosscheck System. Every month, more states leave due to Crosscheck’s history of purging legitimate voters and leaking citizens’ data—including social security numbers. Crosscheck has been found to be 99% inaccurate and jeopardizes an essential tenet of our democracy: the vote. Please support voter participation in [STATE] by switching to ERIC, the more secure, more accurate option. Thank you.

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