Summertime means different things for different people, but for most of us, it’s a different pace whether we ourselves are on vacation or we’re taking care of everyone else who is. In the summertime, we’re more inclined to go out of doors and we see our neighbors regularly, whether from the porch, the playground or the community pool. This is a beautiful time to cultivate our shared democratic purpose and build relationship to outlast these long days and warm us into winter.

Let’s Do It Together!

Get up and get out to #getcivic

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Rest up to #EngageConnectEmpower 

Summer break is the perfect time to practice some self-care to retreat, refresh and renew yourself whether you’re on vacation or staycation. For some guidance, start with our friend Jen Hofmann’s Activism Self-Care Worksheet.

Stand up with the Voter Empowerment Project

Every American should be able to cast a ballot easily and securely.

When laws take ballots away from citizens, it weakens our democracy. When states use vulnerable voting systems, it weakens our democracy. There is a real risk that the current president may refuse to honor the outcome of the next election. This is unacceptable in a democracy.

2020 hinges on weakened systems.

With less than 70 weeks to the next presidential election, the time to act is now. Voting laws take months to change. Will we be ready if the president questions election results?

Join other Americans of conscience in spending one hour per week for the next three weeks to ensure that every citizen can vote and each vote verified in 2020. Invite even people of a different party than you to complete these actions. Voting is a democratic freedom, not a partisan action.

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Photo by Arthur Poulin