ACA Repeal Returns in the Midst of Hurricanes, DACA Shutdown, Debt Ceiling and Data Breach.

These times demand our full attention. Let’s be vigilant. #EngageConnectEmpower

From Daily Action: Call your Senators at (844) 241-1141 and speak out against the latest ACA repeal effort – the Graham-Cassidy bill that these two Senators (Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana) promised to introduce today.

This bill drastically reduces federal funding on Medicaid as well as the subsidies that have enabled consumers to see lower premiums. The bill also removes some of the consumer protections in the original Affordable Care Act.

The window dressing is that funds are going to be given to the states as “block grants” and that Governors can spend these funds as they see fit. The catch is that every state will have to dramatically dip into their state budgets in order to fully cover these costs and that the situation will only worsen over time and become mathematically impossible – even for the largest states. And then of course, the final nail in the coffin is that all ACA funding is eliminated after 2026.

If your Senator is a Democrat, call their office and urge them to speak out against this bill and call it what it is – yet another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, ask them to be vigilant and request that the CBO score the impact of this bill BEYOND TEN YEARS. If this bill is written so that healthcare outcomes drastically worsen in Year 11 or Year 12, our country should know what we’re getting into — and those who drafted this legislation should be called out for for these kinds of gimmicks.

If your Senator is a Republican, call their office and ask them whether they have been participating in the bipartisan and public effort to improve health care (led by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington) – or whether they are one of the Senators who’s been skulking behind closed doors with Graham and Cassidy. Secret bill. No public hearings. Devil in the details. We’ve seen this one before. Let’s not be complacent and assume that anybody in Washington has learned any lessons from the previous healthcare debacles. Call today.

BONUS: If you live in a state that relies heavily on ACA exchanges and subsidies, including Medicaid expansion, give your governor a call at (844) 904-7411 and tell them why you expect them to fight these cuts at every turn.