Today’s world can be exhausting. The news cycle, work, relationships, and simply living as a human being can take a toll on our mental, physical, and emotional health. In the midst of all the chaos, self-care becomes increasingly important as we fight for justice, equality, and liberty for all.

So today… do something that makes you feel truly joyful. We suggest starting with music.

Got some time while you’re doing the dishes? Sync up with On Being for a lesson in Buoyancy Rather than Burnout. 

Or how about a little daily dose of inspiration? Sign up at DailyOm for emails of encouragement and a bunch of awesome programs you can do on your own time to take care of YOU.

Need something to feed your mind? Try Brainpickings – a self-described Inventory of the Meaning of Life.

And don’t forget to move!

The more joy you experience = the more joy there is on earth. And the world could sure use more of that.