Take 60 seconds and call your Member of Congress at (844) 241-1141 to ask that they take a public stand defending the Dreamers. After falsely claiming that he would treat the Dreamers “with heart,” Donald Trump has done exactly the opposite in his decision to end DACA.  For more background on DACA, check out the Get Smart video on this topic before you make your call. (Video was made before Trump’s announcement but still covers the details on DACA) https://www.facebook.com/AmericanProgressAction/videos/10155005274470847/).

If your Representative is a DEMOCRAT, urge them to go public with support of DACA but warn them not to make any of the offensive bargains that some Republicans have suggested (for example, tying DACA to funding for Trump’s absurd border wall). Even if you know your Rep is in favor of DACA, make the call to remind them this is a priority. With 800,000 people now caught in limbo, Congress needs to act now — not in six months.

If your Representative is a REPUBLICAN, please don’t assume that they are against DACA because plenty of Republicans are now expressing support for DACA. (Some of them campaigned against it but didn’t think it would actually be in jeopardy). Simply ask the office what your Representative’s position is, urge them to keep an open mind if they say they’re against DACA, and let us know what their current position is — you can post this as a comment on this Facebook thread. And if they’re in support of DACA, urge them to publicly call for Paul Ryan to hold a floor vote on this legislation. Paul Ryan expressed support for DACA over the holiday weekend – but we know how easily that can change if the public stops paying attention, or if Congress thinks we have.


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