There’s finally some bipartisan momentum in Congress to ensure that Donald Trump does not put himself above the law by firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the criminal investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion scandal.

A few weeks ago we called on the Senate to back legislation that would put Congressional approval between Trump and the power to fire special counsel Mueller. Now there’s a House companion to that legislation. Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina broke the silence of his party by co-sponsoring a new bill to remove Trump’s power to unilaterally fire special counsel Robert Mueller
If we can get more co-sponsors to put country before party, we could get real action to limit Trump’s overreach — and prevent a possible constitutional crisis.

Call your representative and tell them to protect the Russia collusion investigation by supporting the new bipartisan bill to stop Donald Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller—the Jones-Conyers sponsored bill, H.R. 3771, also known as the Special Counsel Integrity Act.


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