Today’s Daily Action is to call your Rep at (844) 241-1141. If they are a Democrat, ask them to (1) vote against any measures that fund Donald Trump’s border wall and (2) if they haven’t already, to co-sponsor the resolution to censure the President for his Charlottesville remarks.

If they’re a Republican, ask them (1) when the Republicans are releasing their tax plan and (2) whether the benefits are going to fall to the middle class or skew to the 1%. (3) Remind them that you don’t like the way they went about the healthcare bill in choosing to work with the President and cut out the Democrats. That didn’t work out too well for them – but they are using that same approach to tackle taxes!

Donald Trump held a pep rally in Arizona last night in a bid to get reelected in three and a half years. He had a lot to say about a lot of different issues – but practically nothing to say about his policies to help people get ahead. (Maybe because he doesn’t have any?!)

Instead, he decided to declare war on members of his own party and threatened to shut down the government if Republicans in Congress don’t fund his wall. This isn’t the leadership we need. As Lincoln put it “a house divided against itself cannot stand” – but Trump runs on divisiveness. Last night he sought to divide the country and even to divide his own party – for his own political gain. Let’s speak out and stand up for our country.