Right now, the current administration is trying to push for a new tax code which benefits the wealthy elite and raise taxes on lower income households.

Immediate Action: Call your member of congress. Nationally, find their information here.

In Tennessee, reach out to Senator Bob Corker (R) 615-279-8125. You can use this script when speaking on the phone.

Did you know that under the proposed “Tax Reform” in Tennessee:

262,000 people in Tennessee would lose health insurance coverage

290,900 Tennessee families would see a tax increase

If successful, the GOP tax code would

  • leave 13 million people without health care coverage and raise coverage costs for almost everyone else by double digits,
  • take away the Child Tax Credit from over 3 million children,
  • give 53% of the total tax cuts in 2018 to the richest 1%,
  • repeal tax deductions for teachers buying school supplies but allow corporations to deduct business expenses, and
  • hurt middle-class families, people with student loans, and residents of states and cities with high local and state taxes.

What to do more? There is an accountability event planned in Athens, Tennessee at Noon on Dec. 1st, which includes caroling on the McMinn County Courthouse.