Holidays are all about hospitality, and now more than ever, we are being challenged as Americans to live up to our standards.

People who immigrate are fellow human beings whom we treat with respect and decency. Please consider GIVING to one of the following organizations in the name of a loved one — place a note under the tree, explaining the impact of your collective holiday generosity. HOME is where the ?is and the least we can do is give from our hearts to people who no longer have a home this holiday season.

Do you value showing hospitality to all people, no matter where they were born? Here’s what you can do:

Action 1: Give direct aid to people deported by the US.
Recently-deported people are vulnerable and are left with nothing.

Donate to the Kino Border Initiative

Action 2: Provide legal representation for vulnerable, unaccompanied children.
With a legal representative, people seeking asylum have statistically higher chance of their claims succeeding.

Donate to Raices’ LEAF (Legal Representation, Education and Advocacy Fund) for Unaccompanied Children 

Action 3: Support reuniting moms and their kids.
Give 360 support: legal, bond payment, emergency housing, clothing, food and more to reunite families.

Donate to Immigrant Families Together

Thanks to Jen Hofmann and Americans of Conscience for putting together this list.

Artivist image: The Holy Family” – Kelly Latimore 

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