Nashville is a city of stories, often misrepresented and misunderstood. What is the real history of Music City? There are many ways to look for answers, but one we especially love is United Street Tours, because you can literally walk through the past. This weekend they’re running the Civil Rights Movement Tour and you can book a time on Facebook or on 

In the words of Bob Marley: If you know your history, then you would know where you’re coming from. Then you wouldn’t have to ask me, who the heck I think I am!

Here’s a bit from their site to get you started:

Nashville was founded by Native Americans. Before the late 1700s, Native American tribes lived and hunted in the area in abundance. Today, the Native population represents 0.3% of Nashville’s population.

Europeans settled in Nashville on December 25, 1779. When the Europeans settlers arrived in Nashville, they brought their slaves who were responsible for building the foundation on which Nashville stands.

In the 1700s, African Americans made up 20% of the population. Today, African Americans make up 28.4%. Europeans make up 60.5% of the population. The total population is 626,600 people.

In recent years, Nashville has become the hub for migration and has opened its communities to diverse groups of people from different backgrounds.

According to the Tennessean, Nashville is home to 139,703 immigrants and is ranked No. 38 among the largest metro areas in terms of immigrants. 

Nashville became a state in 1796 and the capital of Tennessee in 1843.

The first around-the-world tour by a musical act was by the Fisk Jubilee Singers from Nashville’s Fisk University. Their efforts helped fund the school’s mission of educating freed slaves after the Civil War – and also put Nashville on the map as a global music center. In fact, upon playing for the Queen of England, the queen stated the Fisk Jubilee Singers must come from the “Music City.”


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