Roll call! 2019 is in full motion and with it, the legislative season. We wanna hear your greatest hopes and dreams for our country this year (and your own resolutions too ;)! Tweet us @briteheartnow or find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you don’t quite know where to begin, try these steps from Americans of Conscience — making it easy as 1-2-3.

▢ Action 1: Make an action plan for 2019.

Complete the Action Worksheet to get inspired and focused.

▢ Action 2: Make a self-care plan for 2019.

Spend ten minutes with this worksheet to stay inspired throughout the year.

▢ Action 3: Advocate for bipartisan cooperation and voting rights. [h/t Brookings]

Call: Or write your one House rep and two senators (look up).
Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [ZIP]. Now that the 116th Congress has begun, I would like [name] to know my top two priorities. First, I would like [name] to cooperate in a bipartisan manner. Second, I want [them] to support restoring the integrity of our vote. (House rep only: Can I count on [name] to support H.R. 1?)

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