Republican senators say their phones aren’t ringing to save the ACA, so here’s the contact list

Mitch McConnell is trying to undermine Americans’ healthcare behind closed doors. His intention is to bring a bill directly to the floor without a single public hearing.

If any of your Senators are Republicans, please call their offices (844-241-1141) and demand a public hearing on healthcare. And if they didn’t bother holding a town hall during the last recess, hold them accountable for hiding from you.

If any of your Senators are Democrats, ask their offices whether they are going to allow McConnell and the Republicans to get away with this.

McConnell has said that he intends to bring the bill before July 4th, and after a meeting last week with fellow Republican senators, it seems they are now trying to get this done before the American public can realize it.

Via Daily Action 

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