One thing we might all agree upon is the universal human need to be seen, heard and understood. ARTivism, the convergence of arts and activism, is where we center ourselves, expressed by a vibrant millennial vision rooted in basic democratic principles. Art is a powerful communicator, compelling compassionate action, healing division and building community. As artivists, we bravely examine the tension between liberty and justice for all, explore the hard truths of our collective stories, and ultimately strengthen our democracy. Stand up for ART this Wednesday, March 6 in Nashville at War Memorial Auditorium to #EngageConnectEmpower #ARTivism !


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different this year?
The Tennessee General Assembly has moved offices to the Cordell Hull State Office Building, located at 425 5th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee.

What should I do now?

  1. Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you’ll be attending Arts Advocacy Day! #TN4Arts #TNAdvocacy19 #TN4ARTS19 #ArtsTN #TNArtsOnTheHill19
  2. If you will be staying in town the night before, make your hotel reservations now! There are many hotels within walking distance of the War Memorial Auditorium. Rates will vary, but all will undoubtedly go up as the event draws near. For more information on planning your visit go to:
  3. Make appointments to visit your legislators on March 6.

How do I make an appointment with my Legislators?
First, you will want to Find Your Legislators by visiting the TN General Assembly website and typing in your address. Then, click on the link for each of your legislators, which will give their Nashville and District contact information. Give their office staff a call, identify yourself, letting them know that you are a voter in their district and that you will be in Nashville on March 6 and would like to come by to thank them for their work in your community. Ask if you may have an appointment to do so.

If the staff is unable to make an appointment for you to speak to your legislator in person, ask if it is alright if you come by the office to drop off a thank you note, anyway. You can also drop off information about your organization, community arts events, or a personal note about how the arts have positively impacted you or your community.

Please remember to be polite and respectful to your legislator and their staff members-like you, they are busy folks with lots of responsibilities. We want arts advocates to leave a lasting, positive impression on those who we would like to continue to support the arts in Tennessee.

Where is the War Memorial Auditorium?
The War Memorial Auditorium is located at301 6th Avenue North, Nashville TN, 37243. For information on parking and more visit:

What is the Nashville weather like in March?
Historic weather data for March 6 indicates an average high of 58 degrees and an average low of 37. Since weather conditions are always changing and there is potential for adverse weather in March, we recommend being prepared to bring umbrella or other rain gear in case of precipitation. Also, keep up to date with weather conditions and travel advisories for Nashville at The Weather Channel.

What are transportation options in Nashville?
Nashville International Airport serves the greater Nashville area for airline transportation.

Public transit service are available through the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Fixed-Route Bus System and AccessRide, which operates specialized van services for persons with disabilities who are unable to use regular fixed-route buses. AccessRide provides door-to-door paratransit service within Davidson County, excluding commuter or express service.
Uber and Lyft services are also available in Nashville.

Will there be more information?
Yes! More information about Arts Advocacy Day will be emailed to you and posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to like us and follow us!

How can I make sure my organization is recognized as a 100% Advocacy Organization at Arts Advocacy Day?
Make sure your organization is a member AND 100% of Staff are individual members or your organization is a member AND 100% of Board of Directors are individual members. Then email us to let us know that your organization is 100%.

What if I have other questions?