In a tragic reversal of a historic step forward for the United States, the Trump administration has instructed the Armed Serves to begin discharging transgender service members effective April 12.

The instructions state that any of the thousands of current transgender service members who come out, or is found out, after April 12 and is not willing to renounce and suppress their identity will be subject to discharge. Several hundred service members who have previously transitioned–and anyone who manages to rush through the current military process to transition in the next 30 days–will be “exempt,” but will serve under a cloud of suspicion and will never be able to return if they leave the military for any length of time.

After years of research and consideration by the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, transgender people were officially allowed into the military in 2016. Today, close to 15,000 transgender troops serve in the military, and President Trump’s ban has been denounced by former military leaders, Members of Congress from both parties, and the American Medical Association. This announcement by the administration reverses those gains and ignores that progress. Read more. 

TAKE ACTION: Advocate for equality in the military (before April 12). [h/t GLAD]

Call: Your two senators and one House rep (look up).
Script: Hi. I’m calling from [ZIP] to affirm the dignity of my transgender neighbors. The president’s discriminatory ban is set totake effect April 12, and Congress must act to stop it. Anyone who meets military standards should be able to serve, including our 15,000 transgender troops. I urge [NAME] to co-sponsor S.373/H.R.1032.

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