“Whatever happens in Virginia, the consequences will be huge.” Paul Krugman said in a recent New York Times op-ed.

President Obama understands how crucial the November 7th races in Virginia are. Last week, he made one of his first public appearances at a rally in support of Virginia Governor Ralph Northman, and here’s what he said:

“We need you to take this seriously because our democracy is at stake, and it’s at stake right here in Virginia,” …”You are going to send a message, all across this great country and all around the world what it is that America stands for.”

The stakes couldn’t be higher — with many races tied and Nov 7 fast approaching — Virginia is the state of both the despicable Charlottesville demonstrations and the withholding of Medicare expansion from millions. As Paul Krugman writes, the contest is a national referendum on Trump and a crucial early test that many will be watching in preparation for 2018 elections.

The good news is that there are inspiring Democratic candidates and an increasingly young progressive electorate. Democrats have a chance to win but Republicans tend to show up more for state and local elections. All-of-us need to do our part to close the gap by looking at the Virginia races. This week, we are focusing on Jennifer Carroll Foy (VA-02), a progressive candidate endorsed by Emily’s List and a champion of women’s rights. Here is Jennifer’s statement on birth control:

We must protect Planned Parenthood funding and ensure all women have access to affordable birth control and cancer screenings. I will vigorously support a woman’s right to make choices regarding her education, career, and health. I also support equal pay for equal work. One of the most fundamental constitutional protections is a right to privacy. I will advocate for women’s right to unrestricted access to affordable care, including reproductive services. As delegate, I will be a staunch defender against the concerted effort to roll back women’s rights and access to safe, affordable healthcare.

If you agree, you can do your part to support candidates like Jennifer who will stand up for women’s rights.

Here’s how:

  1. Donate to Jennifer Carroll Foy’s campaign here.
  2. Volunteer to phone bank or text bank for Jennifer here.
  3. Donate to other VA candidates supported by Sister District here.
  4. Sign up to phonebank  or textbank for other Sister District races here.

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