RESIST. PERSIST. INSIST. Rinse, repeat. The Tax Reform Bill is NOT a law yet.

  1. Get informed. Read this post.
  2. Have common sense conversations with your friends and family this weekend. What is in this bill? Is it what we want? How is it more than a tax bill? 
  3. Call your Representative first thing Monday morning and ask them to vote NO.

I repeat.  The Tax Reform Bill is NOT a law yet.

It is NOT ready to be signed by DJT yet.

This bill still has TWO very important hurdles to jump.

The House and Senate passed different versions of the bill. That is not allowed. Before a bill can go to the White House to be signed, the EXACT SAME VERSION must pass the House and the Senate.

Since the House originated this one, and passed their version first, the Senate now has to send their version back to the House who will then call a CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. This is where the differences between the House and Senate versions are theoretically ironed out until there is one bill with language the House and Senate can agree on.

So the version that comes out of Conference Committee must be voted on AGAIN!

EVERY SEAT in the House of Representatives is up for re-election in 2018. So any Republican voting for this knows s/he may face *very* angry voters in less than a year.

If they get public push-back, they may start to get nervous. They may start to worry that some no-name who has never run for office before will decide to primary them over their vote on the tax bill. Or some no-name Democrat who has never run for office before will keep them from running unopposed and make them fight for a seat they expected to be a cakewalk.

So step one is to put the pressure on House members.

Democrats tried to postpone the Senate vote until Monday, so they would have a chance to read what was in the bill.  The postponement was voted down, but that may work in our favor, because now every horrible thing we find in the bill as we read it over the weekend can be laid right at the feet of Republicans.

We have the weekend to let redvoters and purplevoters know: “there are things in the bill that will HURT you and people you care about.”

Know your audience.  Some people will respond better to the news of Medicare cuts, others will react to the cuts to rural hospitals.  Some will be upset that students can no longer deduct the interest payments on their student loans.  Others will wonder why they can no longer deduct the cost of tax preparation.

Most of all tell them–they aren’t getting a tax cut.  The bottom tax bracket is going UP. The bulk of the financial benefit goes to just a few thousand people who will benefit from the end of the estate tax, and to corporations.  And their tax benefits disappear slowly over ten years, but the corporate tax breaks don’t disappear over ten years.

Tell them corporations are making record profits and have not created jobs.  Giving them more money will not make them create jobs.  Tell them DEMAND CREATES JOBS—money coming in at the bottom always gets spent and floats up—money at the top does not always trickle down.

Tell them: “Your Senator voted for this.”

Then tell them, “Your House Member can stop this bill.  Make a phone call first thing Monday morning and ask your rep to vote NO.”

We have to be creative in using social media and subversive communication of all kinds, since we can’t depend on a focused message getting out in the MSM.

If it gets through the squabbling House, we reapply the same pressure to the Senate re-vote.

Bottom line: this bill is NOT a law yet and is NOT a sure thing. #EngageConnectEmpower

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