The BriteHeart Vision

BriteHeart strengthens communities and our democracy by encouraging voter participation and civic pride through arts-powered events and initiatives.

What do we DO?

  • Produce dynamic community building events and programming.

  • Provide an inclusive platform to engage, connect and empower a new movement of civic responsibility.

  • Catalyze conversation through creative content, leading to intentional, ongoing civic engagement and education.

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The BriteHeart Vision

BriteHeart was founded in 2017 to be a beacon of hope for those adrift in anger, disillusionment or apathy about the state of American democracy. To quote Sir Paul McCartney, our goal is to “take a sad song and make it better.”  

Democracy depends on citizens who are connected in community and empowered to make a difference by engaging in positive, respectful civic activity and conversation.

We use the arts to create opportunities for people to exercise their civic power by engaging in our democracy in unique and creative ways. Through strong connections and meaningful engagements, we empower citizens to build on the better angels of our national history and take the future in their hands. With the lessons of our past as a catalyst, we hope to make the promise of a better America a reality, one community at a time.

Will you join us?