Voting Rights are Fundamental in Our Democracy

· Democracy cannot succeed unless every man and woman’s right to vote is protected. BriteHeart is committed to protecting and insuring the sanctity of the vote.
· We are against partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics of every stripe whose only purpose is to steal short term political victories at the expense of the long-term health of our democracy.
· BriteHeart supports making Election Day a federal holiday, enacting legislation that would permit automatic and same day voter registration, as well as expanding polling locations and early voting opportunities.
· BriteHeart supports restoration of the Voting Rights Act.

Freedom of Speech and the Press Must be Protected

· The importance of free speech and a free press cannot be overstated in a healthy democracy.
· The value of each citizen’s vote is directly influenced by their ability to find the truth by accessing and evaluating accurate information.
· Public expression, debate and the flow of information, ideas and individual expression insures that the model of a self-governing democracy is preserved.

Civic Engagement is Every Citizen’s Duty

· BriteHeart is dedicated to registering people to vote and helping citizens understand that it is their civic responsibility to cast their ballot.
· A healthy democracy is not possible without an engaged citizenry that has the right to vote and the means to gauge issues with verifiable facts.
· Through concerts, Civic Saturdays, Joy of Voting programs and community outreaches of all kinds, BriteHeart is dedicated to motivating citizens to understand why it is vitally important that they support our institutional democratic principles.

Real Community Engagement Should be Fun

· BriteHeart is committed to showing through artivism, music and the authentic expressions of artists everywhere that civic participation is vitally important to our democracy. And that it makes you feel good about yourself and the power that you have, with your vote, to affect change.
· Music, good times and the celebration of voting are a part of every experience that BriteHeart produces. We want to make you laugh and have fun when you come to our events. Whomever you vote for is your business. We just know that our democracy improves when more people vote. It’s automatic.

Diversity is Good for Our Democracy

· In the 2018 midterm elections, America rewarded the Democrats, who countered the current administration’s racist and sexist appeals with a widely diverse slate of candidates. The party enjoyed their biggest gains in the House of Representatives since Watergate.
· The victors in the House included over 100 newly-elected female members of Congress, the two youngest women ever elected to Congress, the first Muslim women elected to Congress, the first openly gay male governor in history and the first gay, Native American elected to Congress.
· This was the first midterm in our history which tallied over 100 million voters, with more than 118 million citizens participating. 50.1 % of the electorate went to the polls in the largest midterm turnout on a percentage basis since 1914.
· Clearly Americans spoke loudly with their votes in the midterms that there is no place for intolerance in America. BriteHeart agrees. We stand for inclusion in our politics and our everyday lives.

All Citizens Should Hold Rights Available to Other Citizens

· A healthy, self-governing democracy depends on its citizens freely participating directly in the system. When the rights of citizens are limited or denied, democracy itself suffers. Until those civil rights are restored, a society cannot truly be democratic. BriteHeart wholeheartedly supports this supreme democratic ideal.
· No citizen is above the rule of law. Cheating or gaming the system to achieve high office will not be tolerated. The powers of an office achieved by undemocratic means will not include the right to pardon or exonerate oneself.

Civic Engagement Should be a Peaceful Endeavor

· Citizens must have the freedom to campaign and advocate for whatever causes and candidates they prefer without the threat of violence or intimidation interfering with this fundamental civil right.
· Longstanding democratic forbearance such as respecting the credibility of your opponent and the lawful results of an election must be preserved.

The Civil Liberties of Citizens and Political Candidates Should be Respected at All Times

· BriteHeart stands for civility in our civic engagement. We support campaigns that are free from personal invectives and conducted with an emphasis on issues.
· We reject campaigns centered on baseless accusations towards opponents or imagined threats that they might pose to our national security.

Every American Has a Right and Obligation to a Civic Education

· In America, we are currently in an era that has been termed “civic disempowerment” where far too many citizens are not equipped with the basic knowledge and skills needed to meaningfully contribute to a democratic society. We must do better.
· BriteHeart encourages all schools to require courses on United States government, history and civics.