We first heard Mama Sol at Women’s March Conference in Detroit last fall and we can’t stop listening to her. Mama Sol embodies what it means to be a true artivist. She is a teacher, mother, humanitarian, lyricist, survivor. We’re going back to 2016 for this week’s record, cause we need some truth to get us through Election Day. Stream Go O.F.F. on #BriteHeartBeats

From mamasolmusic.com:

Mama Sol visited several refugee camps in Somalia & Nairobi, Kenya during the midst of famine & drought; because of her extensive community work, she was offered a position as a United Nations Ambassador. Sol has been a voice of reason on BBC World News Kenya & a feature on Al Jazeera America’s “Growing up in Americas most dangerous city, Flint” . Sol’s compositions deal with subjects like Flint’s blight problem “ABANDONED” & Flint’s ongoing water crisis “HARD TO SWALLOW”. Despite the many obstacles & adversities she has encountered, Flint’s native daughter has shown the world that fresh water does, indeed, flow in some of the rockiest places.