The country we all grew up in is being challenged to prove itself. Women know this gig. Women live this gig. Perhaps that is why so many are running for office when the stakes are high. “Backward and in heels,” as they say. The truth is while giving due respect to the “Me too movement” which I totally support – this is not a female specific problem.

For the first time in my life we have a president who I would not have in my home for dinner. I would not. I could not — for so many reasons. This is just awful. We should be proud of our president. How can we be?

I grew up in a Republican family. I am now a proud Democrat. Most of my family has supported the current individual in the Oval. I have not. I also have been less than welcome in the family fold with frequency. So I get the divided-nation concept, as it is personal. This is where I say, as my father would have: I would rather be alone than in the company of … . I care about my family members, but I do not agree with their support of this administration. I don’t believe my beloved and sainted Republican father would have, either.

It is interesting to me that so many people are suffering because of the current climate in D.C. — a climate of bullying, and so much more divided and chaotic than ever before in my lifetime. It is my considered opinion that this president and his people and policies are a serious threat to the values of this democracy. Shall we permit this abuse of our sacred ideology? No — we will not.

Vote , vote, vote. Change parties if you have to. Get everyone you know to do so. Elect people with integrity.

This White House and Republican-led Congress need your direction. VOTE!

If your world turns upside down and you feel a little challenged, even doubtful, do not despair. The first people to answer are always harassed. The truth will eventually be clear. As to the bullies in Washington, they will get what they deserve.