We’ve certainly experienced more than our share of aggrieved Trump apologists bemoaning the lack of civility toward them recently. As they go about their work of supporting a president who is terrorizing America’s democratic institutions, demonizing political opponents, praising long-time foes, separating families at the Southern border and threatening to limit our civil liberties, it’s no surprise that Trump’s uncivil servants are finding out firsthand that Americans are restless.

Now another tale of indignation has surfaced from Saritha Prabhu, a Tennessee USA Network columnist. She writes in her July 8th column that progressive readers are complaining because she has “become an elephant in donkey’s clothing.”

It might be because Prabhu makes observations like “our national media outlets … have self-bifurcated into stark pro- and anti-Trump factions.” Comparing a network like Fox News, that promotes Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories as gospel, with CNN, and other real news outlets, who are constantly labeled by Trump as “fake news” because they report facts that he doesn’t like, is an epic false equivalency by anyone’s standards.

Without attribution, Prabhu claims that Democrats “and their followers have been showing illiberal tendencies for some time.” Since ‘illiberal’ is defined as someone who is “intolerant” and wants to restrict “freedom of thought or behavior,” let’s just say that’s a better description of Trump, who depicts immigrants coming to America’s borders as an “infestation” and claims our free press is “the enemy of the people.”

Ms Prabhu has also been “horrified and repulsed by the political and cultural left’s hatred, demonization and mistreatment” toward “Trump, his family, his administration officials and his voters.” Without condoning the acts of uncivility that she refers to, Prabhu makes the outrageous claim that these attacks are even worse than “what the right did to President Obama.” Considering that Trump questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate for years and didn’t flinch when some of his fans likened the former president’s family to jungle dwelling primates, this argument falls flat on its face.

Yes, Americans are outraged at this administration’s numerous instances of abusing the Emoluments Clause, igniting trade wars with allies, lacking civility and suppressing the vote. Applying litmus tests for Supreme Court Justice nominees with the goal of overturning Roe v. Wade and providing Trump presidential immunity in the face of criminal investigations swirling around him also infuriate fair-minded citizens. And reducing regulations that protect our environment and worker’s rights is pouring more salt into the wounds of our bruised Democracy.

Ms Prabhu likes to characterize herself as a “canary in the coal mine,” trying “to warn Democrats where they’re tone deaf and still don’t get it.” But equating the phony outrage of conservatives treated poorly in public with Americans disturbed by an administration that is intent on destroying their civic traditions, civil rights and hard won legal protections, is what they call in the newspaper business, “burying the lead.”