Breaking Bad meets Steel Magnolias. Like 2016’s best film Moonlight, Claws, written and produced by Eliot Laurence (and co-produced by Rashida Jones), does an admirable job exploring the lives of the disenfranchised in working-class Florida, hop-scotching from the salon to the strip club to Suncoast Rejuvenation, the oxycodone clinic through which Desna and Co launder money. There’s also a lot of visual splendor to take in, like the coastal mansions with Big Little Lies-esque vistas and the close-ups of manicured fingernails that appear to be serious occupational hazards. – Jake Nevins, The Guardian 

We loved the interview with Claws lead, Niecy Nash, on NPR this week. Here’s an excerpt:

“The assignment is to be of service. So who, how can you serve in this place? … So if I get somebody cast as a [production assistant] or like in Claws, I’ve gotten people’s music placed in. [The] first time that people have had their music as a part of a production or you know, find the chef and introduce him to the network and the studio, or whatever it is. I continue to pay it forward.

So I have to move in such a way where there’s branches. There’s fruit on this tree. And everybody is eating. That’s how I roll.”

Listen to the full interview with Niecy Nash. 

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