If you’ve been to a Fantastic Negrito show, you know his catch phrase: “Turn that bullshit, turn it into good shit.” This phrase is synonymous with everything he does musically and outside of the music world, when he’s just another citizen. It refers to how we, as individuals, can overcome struggles, racism, and displacement.

While overseas, he remembers how people on the street would stop him to ask, “What the hell is going on in America?” “These people look at America as this shining light on a hill,” Negrito explained. “‘Even when the world is unstable, we can depend on you, America.’ Immigrants made America, so why are we now talking about building a wall? ‘We don’t want Muslims, America first.’ This populist, nationalist crap.”

It was this honest view of the current political climate in the country that prompted Fantastic Negrito’s name for his new album, Please Don’t Be Dead. “I looked at America from across the world and thought, ‘America, please don’t be dead. Please don’t be dead, liberty, justice.'” –, East Bay Express

America is vey much alive with this music in it and we say yes! Let’s #EngageConnectEmpower with Fantastic Negrito!

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