Violinist and vocalist, Sudan Archives writes, plays, and produces her own music. Drawing inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers, she is self-taught on the violin, and her unique songs also fold in elements of R&B, and experimental electronic music. Her new EP, Sink, is just off-kilter enough to keep it on repeat and we think this might be a top summer jam. NPR’s Sidney Madden writes: “On ‘Nont For Sale,’ pizzicati strings tiptoe over the bassline as the artist’s words glide over the beat with the elegance of a gull’s wings in the breeze: ‘This is my light don’t block the sun / This is my seat can’t you tell / This is my time don’t waste it up / This is my land nont for sale,’ she declares. By the time you get to ‘Escape,’ the project’s crescendo of a closer, the unexpected blend of folk, Afrobeat and R&B feel like a euphoric sun shower.” Read the full review here.

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