Paste Magazine’s Brent Simon writes: “If it’s foremost swollen with feeling, Citizen Koch also does a good job of highlighting the fact that the portions of the Republican political agenda that don’t play to chimeras (and even some that do) are not idea-oriented but instead entirely tactical, focusing on voter ID bills, for instance, and other means to limit the electorate or voices of dissent for the benefit of big corporate interests. […] What may be most galling is that this isn’t the stuff of cloak-and-dagger conspiratorial whispers. It’s just … fact.” And this was written in 2014. How does it hold up in light of our current situation? We want to hear from you. Would you agree with Simon that Citizen Koch “is the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back of nonfiction portraits of politically motivated maneuvering?” Tweet at @briteheartnow to let us know!

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