We dare you to watch one episode ofWild Wild Country without binging through the whole season… this one has us glued to our seats and thinking about interpretations of democratic freedoms.

“What’s interesting about Wild Wild Country is that it so effectively separates justice and fairness from likability. There is a good chance that you won’t fully, neatly like anybody in this documentary. You won’t fully sympathize with any position struck by anyone, particularly in the early going when the focus is more on a culture clash and less on the more and more extreme measures Sheela pleaded guilty to taking as things progressed. But there are still questions about how governments should operate and what it means to have a democracy — really! — that wind through the show like vines. So do racism and religious bigotry, even when the people at whom they’re being aimed aren’t particularly virtuous. It’s possible, after all, to show bias in your treatment of the good and the not so good alike.” – NPR, On One Hand, And On the Other Hand Too: Wild Wild Country

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