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10 Things Every American Should Know

March 22, 2019

What are the top 10 things every American should know? 

Thirty years ago, E.D. Hirsch activated civic conversations throughout America with his book Cultural Literacy. He argued that every American should have a grasp of fundamental information about our country in order to be culturally literate. Hirsch listed 5,000 names, facts, phrases, dates and cultural references that he believed represented a reasonable core of knowledge that all Americans should possess.

#GetCivic at Unrig Summit

March 22, 2019

#GetCivic — get smart and learn how to exercise your democratic rights March 29 – 31 at Music City Center in Nashville! 3 days. 2 nights. Top speakers, trainers and leaders united to unrig the system. An event unlike any other: we’re convening the brightest minds from the right and left to fix American politics.

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Tennessee is 50th in voter turnout and it's time to make a comeback. Register to vote in under two minutes and #GetCivic
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