Jumu'ah Khutbah & Weekend Program by Br. Yusha Evans!!!

January 27 @ 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


January 27 @ 12:00 AM

Friday Khutbah: “The Price of Paradise” - What would you be willing to pay for it? Is there a price? Is paradise earned or granted? Find out from the Qur’an and Sunnah! Jan 27, 2012 Friday Halaqah After ‘Isha 7:00 pm “The True Legacy of Muhammad (pbuh)” - How can we properly define the greatest man to ever walk the earth and the seal of all prophets in a way that can give some definition and meaning to our own life and religion? Jan 28, 2012 Saturday Halaqah After Maghrib 5:30 pm “Character - The Key to Paradise” - What is the heaviest thing that will be placed on your scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgment? What is the most important thing that we as a community, with particular emphasis on the youth, are all missing? --- As part of ICT’s initiative to engage the community in meaningful educational events, the Education Committee is pleased to announce Yusha Evans as its special guest speaker and khatib for the month of January. ICT urges the community in welcoming him with your attendance and benefiting from him. Please invite your friends to come to this rare and once in a "ICT Lifetime" event! --- Raised in South Carolina, Mr. Evans was heavily involved with his local church as a youth minister. He enrolled in Bob Jones University with the intent to better understand the Bible. During his academic endeavors, Yusha Evans found himself at odds with what he read in the Bible. Thus, began his long journey of seeking out the truth. After researching many different religions, Yusha Evans found Islam after listening to a Friday sermon, as well as, reading a copy of the translation of the Qur’an, resulting in his acceptance of Islam. Yusha Evans has travelled extensively to learn about his new faith throughout the United States and Egypt and gives da’wah workshops around the world.


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January 27 - January 28


Islamic Center of Tennessee