We are less than a month away from a very important federal and state election, with a track record of not showing up. Voting is your own personal declaration of independence, a right that many Tennesseans have fought for and many, unjustly, no longer possess. We cannot give up our voice. Let’s help each other make it to the polls this year.

All You Need To Know To Vote

  1. Am I even registered to vote?  If you still can’t find yourself in the system, contact your county Election Commission. 
  2. Where do I vote? Find your polling location here. Not in Tennessee? vote.org 
  3. I’m out of town on Election Day. — Request your absentee ballot by October 30!
  4. I’m busy on Election Day — Vote early between October 17  – November 1. (it’s so much easier with several location options — see below). 
  5. I can’t find my voter registration card. — You don’t need it to vote. Bring a state issued photo ID or passport.  Tennessee’s voter ID requirements
  6. I don’t know who to vote for — download the free, non-partisan Nashville Voter Guide 
  7. I need a ride to the polls. Lyft and Uber are providing free rides to the polls. Need more assistance? Message connect@briteheart.org
  8. But I don’t live in Tennessee… vote.org will hook you up!

#GetCivic For The Midterms — join us for a a slate of exciting artivist events now thru election day, including:

Passionate about voting? Could one of these be your civic match?

GetCivic #WhyIVote