All You Need To Know To Vote

We are just 7 weeks from a very important federal and state election, with a track record of not showing up. Voting is your own personal declaration of independence, a right that many Tennesseans have fought for and many, unjustly, no longer possess. We cannot give up our voice. Let’s help each other make it to the polls this year.

We invite you to #GetCivic For The Midterms — join us for a slate of exciting artivist events now thru election day, including:

It’s going to take a lot of love and energy to pull this off, but we are in it 100% and ask you to join us by making a tax-deductible contribution today.  Our friends at The John and Natasha Deane Foundation have generously offered to match contributions. Will you help us Get Out The Vote for Tennessee in this crucial time?

Give To #GetCivic

Help Make It Happen – Volunteer and #GetCivic

All You Need To Know To Vote

  1. Check your voter status.
  2. Find your polling place.
  3. Not going to be here? Request your absentee ballot by October 19
  4. OR even better — early vote between July 13 – 28.
  5. Make sure you meet Tennessee’s voter ID requirements.
  6. Decide who to vote for — get the non-partisan Nashville Voter Guide and follow Please Vote Nashville on Instagram + Facebook

Passionate about voting and want to volunteer to get out the vote? Could one of these be your civic match?

#GetCivic #WhyIVote